June, 2018

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Mummy Duck and Her Five Adventurous Ducklings

One of pre-school songs that I still remember and catch myself singing sometimes is Five Little Ducks. It’s a kid song of all time.

My children in school loves it and they don’t seem to get bored listening to it. Each time the nursery rhyme gets played,there appear fresh glistening in their eyes and energy to play the ducklings.

My children call them the Five Adventurous Little Ducklings.

Mama duck’s usual routine is to take her ducklings swimming in the cool of the day and far into the hills. Mama duck allows them to go far into the hills to have some fun.When it is time to go, with a simple “quack quackquack” they will all come swimming back.But on this day, only four came swimming back at the call of mama duck.

The remaining sibling ducks carried on although mama duck stayed hopeful that the missing duckling will find her way homes soon.

The next day, the four ducklings went swimming over the hills and even farther away. The had so much fun swimming and showing off their new skills and didn’t realize one their little sister swam to another end of the river. When mother duck called out “quack quackquack” only three of them came swimming back. With a heavy heart they all swam home mourning their lost little sister.

They went on same way swimming and playing until they wandered off and lose their way.

Mama duck became distraught and dejected because she has lost all her five little ducks.

Sad mother duck went one day over the hills and far away in search of new possibilities. Reluctantly and sadly she called called out “quack quackquack” like she always did partly in mourning and partly in hope and to her greatest surprise, all the five little ducks came swimming back.

The lesson for kids in this nursery rhyme is that though adventure is great, always find your way back no matter how far you wander off as a result of adventure.

Another lesson to learn in this preschool nursery rhyme is the power of resilience in not giving up. Thank God mama duck called out to her adventurous ducks one more time.