April, 2018

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Three Little Kittens – One of the More Interesting, Thoughtful Children’s Songs

The Three Little Kittens isn’t the most popular children’s nursery rhymes you can find, but it can be an interesting one for kids that like pets. It features an interesting story that even tries to teach kids to be responsible and take care of their belongings.

Needless to say, this can be an important lesson to learn that may serve the kids well all through their life. Let us know dig a little deeper into finding what this little-known but one of the more interesting children’s songs has to offer.

The Story

The story of Three Little Kittens revolves around 3 little kittens. They were given little mittens by their mother cat.
However, when it came the time to have some pie, the kittens found that they have lost their mittens. This angered the mother cat, who said that they will now not be having any pie.

This makes the kittens sad, and they later manage to find their mittens. They tell this to their mother, who then praises them and allows them to have some pie.

However, when having the pie, the kittens end up soiling their mittens. When they tell their mother cat about it, she again gets angry at them.

But the little kittens manage to turn things around again by washing their mittens and hanging them for drying. They then come back to their mother and show her that they washed their mittens and have hung them for drying.

This makes the mother cat happy again.

Takeaways for Kids

As we mentioned above, this little story may not only turn out to be an interesting one for kids, but also make them better aware of their responsibilities. It will help them learn that they need to take care of their belongings, or they might lose out on things they like.

Similarly, they may also learn that if they create a mess out of something, then they should be the one cleaning it up. Not doing so won’t be acceptable and may make people around them get angry at them.